Romanian Society of Legal Medicine
High Council of Legal Medicine


Congress Presidents
Alexandra Enache, MD, PhD
Diana Bulgaru-Iliescu, MD, PhD
George Cristian Curca, MD, PhD
Honorary Presidents
Vladimir Belis, MD, PhD
Vasile Astarastoae, MD, PhD
Congress Secretary
Calin Scripcaru, MD, PhD


Roxana Zavoi, MD, PhD (Craiova)
Silviu Morar, MD, PhD (Sibiu)
Dan Perju-Dumbrava, MD, PhD 
Beatrice Gabriela Ioan, MD, PhD (Iasi)
Valentin Gheorghiu, MD (Bucuresti)
Anton Knieling, MD (Iasi)
Simona Damian, MD (Iasi)
Bogdan Malinescu, MD (Bucuresti)
Hee-Sun Chung, MD, PhD
TIAFT President
Marc LeBeau, MD, PhD
TIAFT Elected President
Alain G. Verstraete, MD
TIAFT Former President
Daniel S. Isenschmid, MD, PhD
TIAFT Secretary
Robert Kronstrand, MD, PhD
TIAFT Treasurer
Dimitri Gerostamoulos, MD
TIAFT Member
Carmen Jurado, MD, PhD
TIAFT Member
Hans H. Maurer, MD, PhD
TIAFT Member
Madea Burkhard, MD, PhD
Director of Institute of Legal Medicine from Bonn, Germany
Herbert Kaferstein, MD, PhD
Cologne University, Toxicology Department, Koln, Germany
Grigorios Leon, MD, PhD
President of Helenic Society of Legal Medicine, Greece
Andrei Padure, MD, PhD
Head of Legal Medicine Department, “Nicolae Testemitanu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Kurt Trubner, MD
Duisburg-Essen University, Legal Medicine Department, Duisburg, Germany

Thursday, May 25th
“Egretelor” Conference Room

09.00-10.00 Interpretation of amphetamine type stimulants in drug testing
Hee-Sun Chung, Korea
10.00-11.00 Challenges of toxicological investigations of drug and alcohol facilitated sexual assaults
Marc LeBeau, USA
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.30 Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines: prevalence, risks and countermeasures
Alain G. Verstraete, Belgium
12.30-13.30 Current trends in drugs of abuse and prescribed drugs in medical examiner data from a large Metropolitan City (Detroit, Michigan)
Daniel S. Isenschmid, USA
13.30-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-15.30 Toxicological analysis and interpretation in opioid related deaths
Robert Kronstrand, Sweden
15.30-16.30 Post-mortem changes and artefacts in toxicology
Dimitri Gerostamoulos, Australia
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-18.00 Applications of hair analysis in forensic toxicology
Carmen Jurado, Spain
18.00-19.00 Analytical and pharmacological pitfalls in drug testing by IA, GC-MS and LC-MS
Hans Maurer, Germany
19.30 Official Opening of Romanian Congress of Legal Medicine
20.00 Welcome Cocktail


Friday, May 26th
“Egretelor” Conference Room

Chairmen: George Cristian Curcă, Călin Scripcaru, Dan Perju-Dumbravă
Prof. Dr. Madea Burkhard, Prof. Dr. Grigorios Leon, Dr. Kurt Trubner
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
Chairmen: Diana Bulgaru-Iliescu, Silviu Morar, Bogdan Mălinescu
11.30-11.45 Clinical forensic expertise regarding  medical responsibility – current trends
C.A. Stan


Foreign bodies retained following surgery- medico-legal considerations
Bianca Hanganu,  Andreea-Alexandra Velnic, V. Petre-Ciudin, Beatrice Gabriela Ioan


The unexpected consequences of a traffic accident; difficulties in evaluating the producing mechanism of the lesions and in estimating the number of medical care days
G. Mihalache, Camelia Buhaș, Claudia Pusta, B. Buhas
12.15-12.30 The evaluation of limbs gravity of trauma – assessment of challenges
Alexandra Enache, Magda Petcu, V. Matei, Camelia Mureşan, F. Chatzinikolaou
12.30-12.45 Clinical scales in forensic – psychiatric practice
Gabriela Costea
12.45-13.00 Discussions


George Tzoupras
13.20-14.30 Lunch break
Chairmen: Cristian Stan, Beatrice Gabriela Ioan, Anton Knieling
14.30-14.45 The contribution of forensic pathology to the study of avoidable deaths
S. Morar, Elena Topircean, A. Cristian
14.45-15.00 Complex research using bacteriology and toxicology to determine the etiology of a myocarditis charge general costs of a forensic autopsy but increase its value in justice: a plead for laboratory examinations
G.C. Curcă
15.00-15.15 Morphological features which advocate for a direct assault deadly head injury
F.V. Perde, C. Dragoteanu, Iuliana Diac, C. Dogăroiu
15.15-15.30 Iatrogenity of cardiopulmonary resuscitation: injury patterns and predisposing factors
Andreea-Alexandra Velnic, V. Petre-Ciudin, Bianca Hanganu, Beatrice Gabriela Ioan
15.30-15.45 When one bee sting is your last. Difficulties in proving by autopsy the cause of death
B. Mălinescu, Abdo Salem, Lăcrămioara Luca, M. Ceauşu
15.45-16.00 Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate Syndrome (TURP syndrome): lethal outcome – Case report
S. Aniţan, A.I. Morar, Iulia Pastor, Gabriela-Andreea Băeţică
16.00-16.30 Discussions
20.00 Festive Dinner


Saturday, May 27th
“Egretelor” Conference Room

Chairmen: Roxana Zăvoi, Alexandra Enache, Valentin Gheorghiu
09.00-09.15 Is the Romanian Forensic Medicine in an identity crisis?
V. Astărăstoae
09.15-09.30 Forensic medicine between law and abuse-two case reports
C. Rebeleanu, Martina Pintea, D. Ureche, D. Perju-Dumbravă
09.30-09.45 Activity aspects of the Toxicology Laboratory in Forensic Institute of Bucharest during 2014-2016
Ana Doina Radu, Florina Aciu, Aurelia Broscauceanu, Maria Camelia Stancu, Livia Pomana, Lidia Seretean, G.C. Curcă
09.45-10.00 Semi-quantitative determination of designer benzodiazepines in serum by adaption of an automated LC-MSn screening approach
R. Peter, A. Wicht, B. Moosmann, L.M. Huppertz, J. Kempf , M. Macht
10.00-10.15 Juvenile delinquency in Sibiu County – features, evolutionary trends
S. Morar, H. Dura, Ioana Peteanu
10.15-10.30 Domestic violence – interdisciplinary aproach
Ana Maria Ciubara
10.30-10.50 Discussions
10.50-11.00 AMS 2000 SIMPOSYUM
Mihaela Ştefan
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break




11.30-11.45 Forensic aspects in polonium-210 poisoning – literature review
Mădălina Diac
11.45-12.00 Biologic weapons: scientific news and forensic implications
Cristina-Gabriela Petrișor, D.V. Crauciuc
12.00-12.15 Best presentation of a young physician” prize


“Egretelor” CR Lobby

12.15-14.30 E-POSTERS
Chairmen: Anton Knieling, Dan Perju-Dumbravă
1A. Difficulties in establishing the inflicting mechanism of a lethal thoracic wound
Camelia Buhas, A. Miron, G. Mihalache, Florina Mekereş, Mihaela Olsen, N. Nicoara

1B. The consequences of stress at people with cardio-vascular diseases – case report
Andreea Cămărăşan, Cristina Podila, B. Roşu

2. The discordance between sexual identity and gender identity-the Transgender occurrence
L.S. Candea, M.F. Popa, S. Pricop, A. Nicolae

3. Homicide by stabbed wounds: case report
L.S. Candea, D. Gheorghiu, M.F. Popa, A. Nicolae, S. Pricop

4. Analytical strategies to identify psychoactive substances using LC-high-resolution MS
Carmen Chitescu, Ana Doina Radu, Florina Aciu, I. Fulga

5. Retrospective study regarding medico-legal and epidemiological aspects of the carbamazepine intoxication in 2012-2016
Gabriela Liliana Constantinescu, Elena Daniela Paraschiv, L.V. Constantin

6. Pulmonary thromboembolism – review and case presentation
D.V. Crauciuc, Mădălina Diac, Gina Toma, A. Knieling

7. Traumatic aortic rupture in road accidents
Roxana Cuibus, C. Precup, Cătălina Micle, O. Bulzan, Ema Stan, F. Vlai, Nicoleta Burchiu, C. Vărcuş

8. Cervical spinal cord trauma without bone and ligament injuries in children. Case report
Gabriela Decu, Andreea Petrov, C. Stan

9. Heart tumours in a metastatic cancer – case study
C. Dogaroiu, C. Dragoteanu, Irina Renţea, Iuliana Diac

10. Schizophrenia and violent matricide – case report
Magdalena Dragu, Monica Mosescu, Maria Bragau, B. Mălinescu

11. Murder of a newborn child committed by the mother or domestic violence?
Magdalena Dragu, Al. Anghel,  Maria Bragau, B. Mălinescu

12. Rape followed by homicide – case presentation
D. Hulubescu, E.A. Cocariu

13. Screening for Synthetic Cannabinoids in Human Urine Samples by LC-QToF-MS using Software assisted Metabolite Identification for Method Updating
L.M. Huppertz, B. Moosmann, F. Franz, M. Macht, D. Brombach, S. Götz, V. Auwärter

14. Difficulties encountered in medico legal examinations of sexual assault victims
Andreea Idor, L. Radu, A. Catanescu

15. Sudden death after internal hemorrhage in a case of aorto-esophageal fistula
Gina Ilie, Iuliana Mohorea, D. Prisăcaru, Rodica Crassas, Teodora Tulbure

16. Aspects concerning the ill treatment a minor
Oana-Maria Isailă, C. Căpăţînă, C. Dragoteanu

17. Violent death-consequence of hetero-aggression through mechanical traumatic agents. Case report
Claudia Teodora Judea-Pusta, G. Mihalache, A. Camarasan, A. Judea

18. A rare case of death from abscessed bronchopneumonia caused by proteus mirabilis bacillus. Case report
Claudia Teodora Judea-Pusta, Camelia Buhas, P. Nagy, A. Judea

19. Subdural hematoma – cause of death in dural metastases of prostatic adenocarcinoma evolution
A. Knieling, Mădălina Diac, Cristina Alexandra Rusu, Eosefina-Gina Botnariu, Diana Bulgaru-Iliescu

20. Atypical Hematogenous Dissemination of Osteitis with Staphylococcus Aureus- case report
Iulia Maurici, Adriana Francisc,  Alexandra Simionescu

21. Death by hypothermia favored by the alcohol abuse. Case report
Florica Mekereș, Camelia Buhaș, G. Mihalache, Cristina Podilă, F. Voiță, G. Mekereș

22. Professional liability of doctors – viewpoints of medical students
V. Petre-Ciudin, Andreea Alexandra Velnic, Bianca Hanganu, Beatrice Gabriela Ioan

23. Homicides in casuistry of IML Cluj during 2014-2016
R. Popa-Nedelcu, C. Siserman, Dan Perju-Dumbravă

24. Pulmonary thromboembolism – the cause of death in patients hospitalized for psychosis
Brigitte Monica Pora, Ioana Radu

25. Medico-legal aspects of injuries products by firearms
Emanuela Stan, C. Precup, O. Bulzan

26. Cervical spinal cord injury occurring to pedestrians in traffic accidents
Emanuela Stan, C. Precup, O. Bulzan

27. Interpretation by court of medico-legal conclusions about mechanism and assessment of trauma severity of injuries
Anca Madalina Tudor, Dana Ileana Mateiciuc

28. Pedestrian decapitated in a car accident
D. Țâbian, Claudia Necula, B. Barabaș

29. Determinants for the incest between brothers. Case presentation
Simona Damian, Al. Glodeanu, Ancuța Rohozneanu, Tatiana Iov

14.30 Closing remarks